Friday, August 27, 2010

Stick a fork in me... I'm done!!!!

This morning I awoke to find the kitchen covered in ants. I despise ants, but ants in the kitchen are the absolute worst!!!!

Don't judge about the sink full of dishes-- I've been sick and hot all week!!!

I spent the day Windexing ants, coughing/blowing my nose, and helping Libi with her pencil skills. She just loves her Big Preschool book that will eventually get her to practice her letters.

Tiana and Nancy played dress up with Lou this morning...

I think Nancy loved her big ring!!!!

There was much silliness to be had...

especially when Libs put her purse on her head!

She's so good at making me smile even when I feel like dirt!

In the evening we got to talk to Jammy and Granpa on the phone. Libi is so dramatic when she talks to them. Too bad she holds the phone in such wonky angles that they can't understand much of what she says.

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