Sunday, July 11, 2010

A day with Daddy and Hailey...

Libi (and I) were both super excited to have Daddy home. We spent the morning lounging around and watching Phineas and Ferb. That has become one of our favorite things to watch as a family. Cute stories, fun characters, and enough humor for Ron and I to laugh out loud :)

Grammy also came for a brief visit and Libi showed her some dance moves...

Tobee showed her some laying moves :)

Libi gets all of her dancing skills from Daddy!

They have so much fun dancing together...

especially when Daddy does lifts!!

We had to fit in as much silliness as we could because Daddy had to leave in the early afternoon to return to camp.

To help ease the blow of Daddy going we had a special friend come over for the afternoon-- Hailey!

The two girls had such fun playing,

dressing up (the cottage has become the dress up room),

and dancing!

Despite their year age difference the two girls got along very well!

Actually they got along too well!!! When it was time for nap the girls wanted to stay up to chat. We had to go upstairs no less than 4 times to tell them to be quiet. I listened in to their conversation on the baby monitor and it was hilarious-- wish I had recorded it! When they finally fell asleep I took this photo-- so sweet!

The nap was too short for Libi (hence the super tired face in the next photos!)

Before Hailey got picked up the girls colored some pictures. We will have to do this again soon.

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