Monday, July 26, 2010

Blast from the past...

We stayed close to home today and there was a great deal of dressing up.

Libi and Tobee are doing more together...

but crawling under her didn't go so well!

While Daddy entertained Miss Libs, I was cleaning and organizing. I scanned some really fun old pictures... here is a small sample in no particular order:

Ron and I at Winter Formal many many moons ago. I am wearing my most favorite formal gown from Jessica McClintock and Ron is wearing the ever stylish Mickey tie and cummerbund.

Here is Ron during his UCLA days-- he has always been so cute :)

Prom 1992. Lots of fun details in this photo: Mom and Dad looking young, Ron in a not-so-flattering but girlfriend suggested white tux, posing in our current house.

This was Ron shortly before I met him. This is actually the first way that I saw him, addressing the freshman class in the gym at Canyon High School. I looked at my friend Marsha and said, "He's so cute!" Shortly after that we met, went to homecoming together, and the rest is history!

Here is a Christmas family photo of the Limon's. Ron and I were dating but we weren't serious enough yet to attend each others holiday celebrations. I love seeing Ron's grandparents, a young Andrea and Jordan and a single Hugo. So fun!!!

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