Thursday, July 1, 2010

A full Stockton day

We are getting in the spirit of the 4th here already. Libi wore her Target sunglasses for the first time today-- "Very style!" as she says!

Libi has commandeered my stuffed Figment and she now carries it everywhere she goes! It is going to be a long 6 months before we get to Walt Disney World!

We tried to stop at Jammy's work, but she was busy so Libi and I killed time at the Walmart while Ron did some not-so-fun errands.

Buzz Lightyear greeted us as we entered so we had to ride him before we left.

Libi showed Figment to all of Jammy's friends at the community. Terry is one of her most favorite residents.

They have a new chef so we had to try it!

It was a complete turkey dinner which was yummy and beautiful. I didn't get any photos of the amazing banana bar dessert because we all ate ours too fast.

We went out back to check on the tomatoes Granpa helped a resident grow. Libi even got to eat one later.

All of the folks at the community love it when Libi comes. She holds their hands, talks to them, and gives them kisses.

There is also a new mascot for the community-- Josh the puppy. He is just about as cute as he can be-- sorry Tobee.

After nap-time it was time for a dip in the pool.

Libi is still doing really well with her swimming!

She's such a fish!

This trip we actually remembered to bring Libi's diving toys and she had a blast retrieving them.

Floating is still the only area she hasn't mastered-- just like Daddy :)

Granpa always takes such nice fresh-out-of-the-pool photos!

Love that focused look!

In the evening we got to escape for a late-night date!

We headed to Thunder Vally Casino which is about an hour away from Mom and Dad's.

It was super busy there as it was the opening weekend for their hotel/spa AND Lionel Ritchie was there in concert that night.

We had some trouble finding two penny machines together but when we did we had a lot of fun!!

We left after about an hour refreshed and with the same amount of money we came in with (less the milkshakes we bought.) Not too shabby!!!

Date: July 1, 2010

Outside my window: The smoky valley of Stockton

I am wearing: Comfy new Capri’s—I live in them these days!

I am going: To visit Mom’s community and go swimming.

I am hoping: To make it to a scrapbook store or two, now that my self-imposed ban on buying is over!

I am creating: I will begin Libi’s autograph/photo book for WDW this week!

I am hearing: Lots of giggles since we are with Jammy and Granpa.

I am watching: Fishing, junking, and news shows—you can tell we are in Stockton.

I am loving: Taking a little time away from the house.

On my mind: Ron being gone for a week. It is always hard when we are apart that long.

Pondering these words: Car seat discussions—always a bad thing!

From the kitchen: We tried Mom’s new cook at work for lunch (turkey with all the fixings) and Dad made tri-tip and corn for dinner. Both very yummy!

Around the house: Libi is doing more pretend here this time. She is building little houses, creating imaginary cars and calling Elmo her husband.

One of my favorite/least favorite things: Mom and Dad’s guest bed!!!

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