Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Continuing to celebrate our country!

Today we wrapped up our 4th of July celebration with Jammy and her friends.

Libi dressed up in more patriotic clothes and her hat... she also brought her pinwheel to share.

Before the lunch we took Josh outside for a bit.

Isn't he just so sweet??

Libi also got to take him for a walk on his leash--- at times Josh took Libi for a walk.

Lunch was hot dogs, beans, corn, potato salad and fruit-- Libi and I enjoyed it!

Libi's favorite thing is still talking to all of her friends. This is Mary who played on a women's basketball team many, many years before the WNBA.

I noticed this sign on Mom's door for the first time today-- I cracked up when I read it :)

They had some very special entertainment today-- a local woman who sings standards.

Libi took the opportunity to be her dancer.

All of the residents love Libi so it was smart of her to make Libs her assistant!

At one point Libi noticed her reflection in the piano and her focus shifter from her friends to herself.

Libi worked with Stacey, the Memory Care Program Director, to get the residents involved....

most were happy to dance...

especially our good pal Larry!! It was a nice afternoon-- until Libi got a gushy bloody nose. We took that as a sign that it was time for a nap. Granpa took Libs home (where she got another bloody nose and managed to get some of it on the wall) and I ran to a scrapbook store :) Thanks Dad!!

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