Friday, July 30, 2010

Paths converging...

This morning Grammy took Libi for her first ever professional manicure.

Libs loved the sparkly polish and the flowers that were painted on her nails.

Here she is posing with Grammy's nail girl, Harmony.

Next it was off to swimming with Cousin Bridget. At the pool they bumped into Miss Karen and Libi thought she was back at swimming lessons.

It looks like Libi didn't use many of her swimming skills-- instead she hitched a ride on Aunt Violet.

Aunt Andrea even joined in on the pool fun!

Libi took a shine to Aunt Andrea's sunglasses...

and to Cousin Bridget's cool goggles!

Meanwhile, one state away.... Ron and I were checking out of our hotel. (I love elevator photos!)

Caesar pointed our way to the parking garage and we were off!

We made a stop at Outdoor World at the Bue Diamond exit. It is 4 acres of outdoor goodness!

I caught a fish...

and Ron wrestled an alligator. A good time was had by all!

We made one final Nevada stop at the M Resort where Top Chef Las Vegas was filmed. We had lunch in the cafe and hit one final slot machine.

My machine was the luckiest one of the whole trip. I went to about seven bonus rounds and kept winning big!!!! I cashed out with $25-- not bad when I started with $5 :)

With temperatures like this, we were ready to get out of Nevada....

and home to the So.Cal. fires!

Thanks to a fun car (and a super fun husband) for a few relaxing days away!!!!!!

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