Thursday, July 8, 2010

A relaxing day at the homestead.

Libi has turned Mom and Dad's neat and tidy home upside down--- aahhh the joys of living with a three-year-old!

We decided to stay close to home today and give Libi one last chance to swim.

When we arrived at the pool there was already a family swimming in there-- a family of ducks!!!

They had a lovely time in the pool until the lifeguards came back on duty! When all the kids hit the pool, the ducks hit the pavement!

Libi and I also waited patiently for the lifeguards to return (usually we are allowed to stay in the pool during break, but there wasn't anyone to ask if we could go in.)

Since Granpa was in the water with us there aren't any photos of us swimming... .BUT Libi is still doing well! She loves diving to get her rings or her princesses and she even asked to go down the slide today. I was able to talk her out of it since Daddy wasn't with us and I'm certain he wants to see her face the first time she goes down that slide!!!

After the pool Libs was in a mood and she didn't want any photos taken. I got some cute ones anyway, until she really got upset! Due to her poor choice of talking back to Mommy, today was our last day at the pool this trip! Live and learn!

Tobee has been of special interest to Libi lately. She has been bringing her imaginary food, trying to dress her up, and running all around her.

All in all Tobee has been a good sport, but sometimes she needs a time out away from Libi. The sofa has become her "safe" zone-- poor girl!

Libi has also been role playing with her elf and Elmo a great deal this visit. Fun, fun, fun!

Our movie of the week is the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Libi often quotes lines from the movie, often at inappropriate times! "Die, die, die!" for example in her best Mike TV voice. We are using the movie as a cautionary tale for not being polite and sharing-- hopefully she will not become Veruca Salt!!!

This afternoon before the pool Libi was overheard to say: "He was so genius!! Like a Fat Cat--- a Chocolate Fat Cat." I can only guess she was talking about Willy Wonka!

We got to talk to Nana and Pop on the phone, but Mommy messed up and didn't call Aunt Andrea like I promised Libi we could yesterday. I will redeem myself tomorrow-- sorry Andrea!

Libi and Granpa are such chums-- she wants to do everything he does. Tonight Jammy found this scene-- I think Libi is reading Nora Roberts :)

One last sweet story before I sign off:
This morning Libi came into my room and we had this conversation,
M: Is Granpa awake? (That's my hopeful way of saying, why don't you go hang out with him so I can get another half hour of sleep!)
L: Yes, but Jammy left me.
M: She had to go to work.
L: But I miss her.
M: Me too!
L: Me three!

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