Saturday, July 24, 2010

Daddy is home for good... until next July :)

This morning I escaped to my therapy session (aka coffee with Amy and Dolly!) We have decided that our meals out count as therapy and they cost WAY LESS!!!

Libi stayed at the house with Jammy and Granpa.

She often goes into a world of her own-- she's a girl with a great imagination! Today while my folks were at their eye appointment I found Libi camped out in front of the bookshelf reading, talking, and perfectly happy all by herself!

Daddy got home after nap and we all went down to Nana and Pop's for dinner.

Libs painted Pop's nails-- she's an excellent manicurist!

Daddy had some fun things from Camp to share on the computer...

after some technical difficulties he got it working.

Everyone enjoyed watching Libi's performance and the two flash mobs from the camp.

Libi is looking more like she can ride her trike, but it's hard to tell on the carpet.

After the ride home we showed Daddy our new bubble toys... it looks like he approves. I am just happy to have my hubby home for good.... until the next CADA event :)

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