Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A day of errands...

I spent most of the first part of the day in Libi's room going through her closet. I can't believe that all of the 3T clothes are too small for my little girl! Her closet now looks empty.... but it's now more fun for Libi to play in the bottom of the closet :)

While in Santa Barbara we missed delivery of a package so our big outing today was to the Valencia post office.

Libi took her dog with us-- this was a Christmas gift that we opened today. Mommy put some of the gifts up in Libi's closet to open throughout the year so we can have Christmas all year long!

There were some not-so-adorable photos...

and then some really darling ones.

I had to sign my life away for this package from China which turned out to be a Spanish World Cup Soccer uniform (ask Ron for details!)

Grammy came over tonight and we broke out our latest toys....

light-up bubble blowers from Disneyland.

I have wanted one for ever and I finally got it last week. These photos don't do them justice so I took some video too....

Ron didn't understand why I needed two-- but I didn't want for Libi and I to have to fight over them :)

We had a nice visit and some ice cream with Grammy.

Our house is a total disaster, but Libi and I have nearly survived three weeks on our own.

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