Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Half Birthday Libi!!! (one day early)

Our silly missy turns 3.5 tomorrow. While we usually have a party for half birthdays it just didn't work out this year. We decided to celebrate one day early at our favorite spot...

Disneyland!!!! Not only was this trip for Libs half birthday but it was also her 50th trip to the Park.

Today Libi also rode the Autopia for the first time.

She was fine for a minute but then got too scared to drive.

Ron used all of his Daddy talents to work the pedals, drive and take photos-- he's amazing!!

By the end of the ride she was happy to drive again.

We are having some ride anxiety lately. She starts off all frightened (even on rides she's been on a million times)...

but eventually she warms up to them.

The characters that Libi wanted to see were Pooh and Tigger and happily they were both back in Critter Country!

We even managed to get a family photo.

Libi is really getting the knack of looking at the camera-- it's about darn time!!!

Another cute one with Pooh...

We were quite surprised to find Brer Bear and Brer Fox waiting for us at the exit to the Pooh.

We weren't planning on seeing the Princesses today but the line was less than 10 minutes long (thank goodness for the princess show which has really shortened the line!)

We got some really cute pictures of Libs with Ariel,


and Tiana-- love this pose Libi is doing!

We were all loving spending the day with Daddy!!!

On our way out we decided to stop at City Hall to see if they would do anything special for Libi's two milestones today.

Ron didn't get a particularly friendly cast-member, but they did give Libi a button.

Libi, you are one amazing little girl!!! Daddy and I love you very much!

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