Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

This morning there was a surprise waiting for Libi when she came downstairs.

Mommy and Daddy gave her a little witch dolly which makes spooky sounds.

She was displayed on Libi's table with a baby pumpkin-- it was quite a nice surprise.

Libi woke up ready to Trick or Treat today-- if we had let her she would have been knocking on doors all day long. To get into the spirit Libi did a great deal of dress up today.

This afternoon we visited some of our neighbors to deliver treats.

Daniel who lives three doors down was really excited to get his bag of candy and to pose with Libi.

Our first stop of the evening was Meme and Pop-Pops house.

It was such fun to see them and hear all about their European trip.

Next we were off to see Grammy, Grampy, Spunky, and Gizmo.

"Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat!" Libi kept saying it over and over-- I think in her mind the more you say it the more candy you get.

We had to stop by Emmy's house to say "Hello" and get some candy.

The entire time that we were there Libi was chomping at the bit to be out getting more candy.

We did get a family portrait taken while we were there-- which made me happy!!

After a stop at the pizza place it was off to the Strassner's. The kids were so darling, eating in the kitchen all by themselves while the adults enjoyed a quiet meal in the dining room.

Ben was Luke Skywalker and Emma was a 50's girl this year-- both super cute!

Off we went to see some houses and get some candy.

Libi was spooked by a few of the houses, but she was a trooper and did most of the block.

It is so funny that Uncle Nick and Aunt Jessica live on the same street as the Strassner's now!

A fun time was had by all--- but after walking the block, Libi was done! A huge thanks to Howard and Amy for letting us borrow their block every year!

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