Wednesday, October 21, 2009


On our way to Nana and Pop's house we decided to "Boo!" a friend.

It's a new thing that has been big in the SCV for about three years. The concept is simple:

1. Go to a friends house with a bag of treats to leave on their porch.

2. Leave a sign that says, "I've been Boo'd!"

3. Ask them to "Boo" someone else.

4. Ring the doorbell and run!!!!

Because this was Libi's first time, I chose a friend whom I knew wouldn't be home so we didn't have to worry about not spoiling the surprise. We're not sure if the house we "Boo'd" knew it was us, but we hope they have fun doing it to someone else!

We had another lovely visit with Nana and Pop.

My little Picasso was quite into the crayons today.

She also really wanted to ride her trike. I was hoping that she would be motivated to push the pedals on her own...

but Pop came to the rescue!!

Pop is always a chum on Wednesdays!!

It was Awards Night at Skipper Club tonight and we did things a bit differently!

We had a very special mini-awards ceremony in our room as opposed to the huge (and long) ceremony in the church. The kids each got to speak, they got their badges, they gave a special card to their families, we sang and did our sign language and then we ate ice cream. In less than a half an hour we were done and ready to go...

Too bad that I had to stay to speak at the big ceremony. At least a few of Libi's Skipper friends stayed to sing with her!

After PC we treated ourselves to Don Cuco. I'm sad to say (especially to my dear friend Christine) that their portions are getting smaller. I asked for all rice and no beans and I only got two little mounds of rice as opposed to the huge pile I used to get. Let's have a moment of silence for this sad occurance...

(this is the silent pause!)

Now on to happier things! Libi is getting quite insistent on having her picture taken with everyone in our family. You notice Mommy and Libi above, so she had to have equal time with Daddy.

Libi has also learned how to do Eskimo kisses. It's really more like squishing her nose into yours, but I think it's sweet. I just love this photo with her little hand on Ron's cheek-- I'm thinking that this picture will be in the program at her wedding becuase it's just that sweet.

Love these two :)

We convinced her to take a picture with the Aztec statue after she realized that it wasn't scary.

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