Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Festival near Stockton

Jammy heard about a train that took you to a pumpkin patch, so we decided to try it on Saturday.

The boys stayed home, so it was a girls day out. We drove way out highway 12 (I think) and finally got to the train station.

It was really fun riding the antique electric train cars. They used to be in service in San Jose way back when.

The train was packed, but we didn't mind squishing.

Libi even showed Jammy how to do Eskimo kisses.

Once we got moving there was lots to see:

they have a BBQ and party area,

and we went past lots of farms. Our horn even started a herd of sheep.

We also sped by tons of wind farms. I was amazed at how huge these windmills were-- super impressive.

When we got to the "patch" we were a bit surprised. This area was the patch-- a few bales of hay with pumpkins for sale. The rest of the area was full of food booths, a petting zoo, a bounce house, and some games-- not quite a patch, but fun none-the-less.

Libi was mesmerized by all of the scarecrows. This Halloween season with her has been really fun-- she recognizes all of the bats, witches, ghosts, etc. that symbolize "spooky" things and she's really enjoying the "spooooky" Halloween things. (She also loves to say the word "spoooooky" in her spookiest voice!)

I had so much fun watching Libi and Jammy walk around-- they are such good pals!

The bounce house was our first stop. Our little daredevil has been such a bouncer lately-- what a difference a few months makes :)

Next on Libi's agenda was to have a bunny sit on her lap.

Thank goodness the petting zoo lady was there to help-- Mommy doesn't have much bunny experience.

It was so funny to watch her...

she just sat patiently in the middle of the corral for a bunny to come sit in her lap.

Again the petting zoo lady came to the rescue with a silky chicken. Libi didn't want the chicken to sit in her lap, but she was happy to chat with her.

When Jammy couldn't bear to see her granddaughter sitting there empty lapped any more, she stepped in and wrangled a bunny.

Libi was very gentle, but the bunny was still squirmy...

Jammy showed her the best way to calm the bunny-- before it scampered away.

Before we left the corral,

Libi and Jammy said hello to the goat who acted more like a dog.

Next we moved over to the pony. I was corrected by a little boy that this wasn't a pony, it was a mintature horse. Well excuse me, I'm not a farm-type girl.

After Libs was done feeding the hay to the horse, she decided that she wanted to climb the hay pyramid. I braved it with her-- diaper bag, camera case and all. It was quite challenging because the hay was wet and squishy...

but we made it!!

Our final attraction for the day was a tractor ride around a field.

Libi got to see lots of scarecrows and Jammy and I got to read lots of corny Halloween jokes.

This very artistic photo shows you some of the thrilling sites we saw on our ride.

One final goodbye to the scarecrows and then we were back on the train.

It was a fun afternoon!

The train ride back whizzed by....

I almost missed my photo of the "token" stand. This was the way that they prevent two trains being on the same track at the same time. The train will not run on this portion of the track unless the token is on board the train. This is the only operating token system in California-- very cool!

Before dinner we made a stop to see Jammy's new workplace. This picture is especially for Nana who wanted Mom to take a photo of herself behind her desk on her first day. While this wasn't her first day, we hope it will do :)Libi was a hit with all the residents, but the birds were a huge hit with her. They are named Lucy and Desi and they are very noisy!

Libi got to say "Hi!" to Bud. When Ron and I were in Reno Libs met Bud and he has been asking about her ever since. He was very sweet and was quite taken by the little pumpkin.

I was really impressed with the entire place-- it was very homey and happy, not like many nursing homes I've been in.Before we left, Libi got to eat a fresh-baked cookie in the lobby. You've gotta love dessert before dinner :)We grabbed Granpa and headed to dinner at CPK. Ron had fun at the wedding, but I think I had more fun hanging with my family!

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