Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A tough day at the patch...

I knew that Libi wasn't feeling well yesterday evening, but I was hoping it was just due to the winds and that she would be recovered by this morning. Sadly, she woke up with the same racoon eyes, runny nose, and teary eyes.

Since Mommy was in charge of this trip to Underwood Farms we had to suck it up and go.

Poor thing spent most of the day dripping and sticking her tongue out-- which made for lovely pictures!!

While I checked everyone in, my Mommy friends entertained Libi.

She loves seeing all of the goats, horses, cows, sheep and chickens they have on the farm.

She wore her finest Halloween attire: a pumpkin hat, shirt and sweatshirt.

We did manage to get a few shots of the two of us-- but there wasn't any smiling from Libi.

The first order of business was a wagon ride.

We got to see all of the pumpkin fields, in addition to the strawberry, sunflower, and veggie fields.

It was a nice, long tractor ride this year--- the longest ride we've ever had!

I made every family stop in the sugar pumpkin patch for a photo and luckily someone took ours too.

Libi picked out both her pumpkin and mine this year..

she's a girl who knows what she wants!!

Getting it into the bag proved to be a little challenging, but she problem-solved it out.

I love this picture of three darling kids who really don't want their photo taken. Here is Paige and Ryan Davis, Jordyn Toon and Libi looking less than enthused!

I have taken a picture of Libi at Underwood every year since she's been born-- enjoy this trip down memory lane.


Libs posed in the cut out for a second, but I managed to get it on film. Of course she would pick the darling little girl cut-out, because she is a darling little girl (even when she's not feeling well!)

I decided to leave after I made sure everyone knew the plan-- Libi did not like this course of action...

but less than a mile away from the farm she was OUT!!

There won't be any Skipper Club tonight for her. Let's hope she feels better for picture day tomorrow!!

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