Monday, October 12, 2009

It finally feels like Fall

The sky is gray, the weather is damp, and I get to wear sweaters!! It actually feels like fall!

Libs had another dance class today.

They are mastering first position!

Libs feet don't like to stay in first position, but that will come with time.

I love watching the "Bend and stretch" they do!

They now all have the "Teddy Bear" song memorized!

Libi can even do it on command-- with or without a bear! Next time you see her you can ask for a show :)

The final order of the day is bubbles!

Popping them is such fun!

This part isn't so much about dancing, but it's still fun to watch.

We did a quick change in the car and headed to the park to meet up with some MOPS friends.

Libi got to see her friends Cora (in the picture above), Lucas (not pictured) and Missy.

I got to see my friends Lisa, Colleen, and Lucy. We had a nice chat while the kids played!

Then it was home to defrost-- because it was really chilly out there!!

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