Thursday, October 22, 2009

A different perspective...

This morning I was so blessed to meet Dolly for breakfast. She is such a dear friend and always has a way of making me look at things from a different perspective. I treasure our chats because she is one of those non-judgmental friends who just listens and offers sage advice. She also notices that my muffin came served looking like Mickey Mouse-- see I told you she had a great way of looking at things!

This rather artistic photo where you can see my reflection in the upper right hand corner is of Libi and the Toddler class in their new classroom.

They have moved out of the large building with the other three classes into their own room. Luckily for me it has a window and I can stick my camera in the window to get some pictures without anyone knowing I'm there.

Before Ben and Madison left, Libi gave them a hug. I just love the three of them :)

Libi also hugged every teacher in the whole school before we left. She is such a love!

Our car is decorated for the upcoming holiday and EVERY time Libi gets anywhere near our car she starts squealing, "Mickey Bat, Mickey Bat!!!"

Tonight Grammy came over for a visit and Libs tried on Daddy's shoes. We all got to see things from a different perspective today and that is a good thing!

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