Friday, October 16, 2009

A very long day...

I didn't sleep well last night-- I guess that three hours is enough to get by, but it makes for a very cranky Heather!

Despite my lack of sleep we had a super busy day!

First stop, Antiquities at VUMC. Our MOPS group did a very ambitious fundraiser this year where the kids dress up in old-fashioned clothes and take sepia toned pictures with antique props.

After Libi's awful school portraits (which I'll show you after Ron scans them in) I was hoping that she would do better this time.

I'm pleased to report that Libs did great! We had a few things in our favor this time:

1. I really talked it up about her getting photographed today.

2. She thought she looked like Belle in the dress.

3. Our appointment was the first of the day and I was there early for set-up so she got to chat with the photographer outside of the studio.

4. He was an amazingly talented childrens photographer who knew tons of tricks to make Libi smile.

Did I mention that Libi has been fascinated with babies lately. No this doesn't change our decision to stop at one child, but I think it's so sweet how she wants to take care of every baby she meets.

While I worked at the church, Libi went with Grammy and Aunt Andrea to Lombardi's. I was sad that I didn't take her for the first time this year, but she had tons of fun seeing all the pumpkins and animals!

I only got 5 photos from the day-- so here are the two best :)

After a two hour nap for both Libi and I we loaded into the car for a special surprise. Ron and I bought tickets to the new Tinkerbell movie at the El Capitan.

We didn't tell her until just this moment that we were going to see it...

You can see the excitement on her face! She just loves those fairies!!!

We grabbed a quick dinner at the Disney Soda Fountain before the flick. Did you know that any food you buy in here you are allowed to take into the theater?? I had no idea!

The theater was less than crowded-- I think there were 50 people in the whole place, but we did wait in a short line for them to open the doors. To fill the time my little pixie danced, twirled and enjoyed all the Hollywood lights.

Waiting for the movie to begin-- so serious!

The snack shop was closing early, so they gave us our popcorn refill upfront. It was hilarious to watch Libi go from Ron's box-o-popcorn to my bucket-o-popcorn to get her fill!

After a few 3-D previews Tinkerbell came out to dance before the movie. Libi was super excited to see her!

The movie was really sweet! The theme is all about friendship which Libi needs this week. She is at that stage in her development where she's finding out how to be a good friend. Hopefully she will learn from the mistakes Tinkerbell made and will be a kinder friend.

One of the skills Libi has now mastered is that of the escalator. I never thought about how tricky it is to get on and off one until I tried to do it with a 2 year-old. She now knows how to step carefully on, hold the rail, and start walking before you get to the bottom. She's super proud of herself that she can do it!

We cruised the boulevard for a while after the film. Ron and I used to spend lots of time in Hollywood before kids so it was fun to see all the hubub that was going on. We saw several fashion show parties-- it is L.A. Fahion week after all.

As we were driving, I remembered my dear friend Janice telling me about Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood. I googled it and after circling the block twice we found a parking spot. The clubs were hopping, it was 10 p.m. and here Ron and I were pushing a stroller through lots of fabulous looking people.

Libs skipped the milkshake and opted for a cone-- a huge cone, which she quickly knocked onto the table.

The milkshakes were to die for!!! I had plain vanilla (what can I say, I'm a plain Jane) and Ron had a Beckham-- a chocolate, banana concoction wich tasted like sucking a banana through a straw.

Before we left we pretended to be celebrities and posed in front of the M.O.M. backdrop. Libs was too busy looking at all the "spooky" Halloween decorations to look at the camera.

She faded about 5 minutes into the drive home, but it was a really fun family night!


Analiza said...


Saw you're blog through SCV Moms Blog and just wanted to introduce myself. Another SCV mommy! Your daughter is adorable! I wish I could see those kinds of shows but my sons would probably protest, LOL!


RP Mom said...

FUN pics!!!!!!!!! XOXO