Saturday, October 3, 2009

A busy day in Reno and hanging with Granpa

Ron spent his days in Reno with this fun bunch.

While he did that I was either playing penny slots, shopping on behalf of Santa, or...

watching a storm move in from the comfort of our room.

Here it is!

For CADA board events the spouses get to join in for all of the meals. Our most special dinner was at this darling restaurant.

Here's our picture inside the restaurant. We were quite ribbed about all of our self-portraits, but we took it in stride!

While we were in Reno, Libi spent lots of quality time with Granpa.

Poor Jammy had to put out lots of fires at her facility this weekend, so she got called away a lot.

Luckily Jammy was able to go to Bob's for breakfast!

After a hearty breakfast Granpa took Libi out to see the boats and she got to touch a fish.

Libi began her nap in a bed, but then she got up for a bit and Granpa found her here.

This was how Jammy found the two when she got home-- so sweet!

Only at Jammy and Granpa's house can Libi get an ice cream cake whenever she wants!


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