Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This bites!


No, this isn't a practice from a typing class-- this is Libi's first attempt at blogging. It says, "I am Libi and I blogging."

She really wanted to help me tonight, so I let her have a go at the computer. On to today's events:

It is a cold and rainy day today, so Libs got to wear some darling Wintry attire.

I don't normally take pictures before school, but she looked so cute today I couldn't resist!

She did some fancy poses for me :)

Here's a little smile!

After a very inspirational MOPS meeting, I returned to Little People. It was raining quite hard by then!

Due to the bad weather, the parents got to come inside early so we heard part of the story for the day.

Libs said goodbye to Madison and I snapped this cute shot!

When I arrived in the room I knew I was in trouble because a teacher made a bee-line for me. Miss Sabrina approached me and said, "There was a biting incident." I was mortified-- please, please don't let Libi be the biter-- ran through my mind. Luckily she wasn't the biter-- she was the bitee! She and a little boy were fighting over a car and he bit her! According to Libi she was playing with the car and he tried to take it, but she's only 2 so I'm not sure who started the problem.

He got her good!!! You can see every tooth in this child's mouth on her left arm. We have been keeping an eye on it and watching it turn into a bruise. She was pretty unfased by it-- which is good!

We had a very special surprise during Libi's nap-time-- Aunt Jessica came over for a visit. She and I caught up while Libs slept. Luckily Libi woke up in time to say hello and show off a bit.

I left everyone in the warm house to venture into the rain for a cupcake class.

In two hours we made a dozen cupcakes-- super fun!!

They are (from top to bottom, left to right): A treasure chest, a pumpkin patch, a mummy, a fondant ghost, three sunflowers, a spider in a web, a buttercreme candy corn, pumpkin pie topped with pumpkin fudge, the top of a pumpkin, a witches hat, witches legs sticking out of the ground-- she wasn't too good on her broom, and a caramel apple.

Super easy and fun!! A huge thanks to Ron who lets me have some Heather time to do things like this!


Stace&Lis said...

Love your cupcakes!
Hope Lib's arm heals quick, and I hope her face bruise has healed - having two weird ones at once would just be too unfair!

Dolly said...

Oh my gosh!!! "biter boy" got her good! Hope her war wounds heal quickly. Oh and the cupcakes are too cute!!!!!