Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome to October!

Today my little monkey went to school today in her cutest little monkey shirt.
She wanted to take pictures by her tree before we left, but it was very windy!
She was a little monkey head to toe-- love the monkey leggings. To quote Rachel Zoe (a show on Bravo that I love)-- "They are bananas!!"
I love the tilted head pose-- this is very model inspired. I suppose all of the Project Runway and Rachel Zoe is rubbing off on her.When I arrived at school they were still working.Miss Sabrina decided it was the perfect day to plant corn. Some of the parents were upset that the kids weren't ready to go... I felt like I had hit the jackpot I got to take a picture of a lesson!!!I love this shot of Libi, Noelle, and another little boy-- they sure do focus on a camera.Miss Tasha helped Libi plant her three corn seeds-- difficult to photograph but cute to watch.We packed up the car once Daddy got home and headed toward Stockton.It didn't even take 10 miles before Libi was out. After an hour stuck in Grapevine traffic, a very depressing musical, and a daughter saying "No!" every time Ron and I began to sing a song....we arrived in Stockton! Jammy was very happy to see us!To complete a very monkey day Libi modeled her monkey PJ's from Aunt Andrea.Despite the fact that she was tired, she was very goofy!Now off to bed for all of us-- busy day tomorrow!

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