Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pumpkin Patch, Snow and a long, long drive

While Ron was wrapping up his meetings, I was preparing for the drive home. I packed up the luggage, loaded the car and headed out to get gas. On the way to Sam's Club I saw a scrapbook store, so I stopped. I was approached by an old man who resembled Santa Claus who said to me, "You know your front right tire is totally flat right?" I had no clue, so I skipped the scrapbook store and drove to Sam's Club for a tire repair.

The tire man was very nice and he fixed it free of charge. Ron grabbed a cab and met me so we could leave straight from the gas station.

Here is one final look at our hotel-- we will see you again in March for convention!

As we drove through the pass it snowed pretty hard.

You can see the chilly temperature in this picture-- love this wintry weather!!!

While we were taking quite a long time getting home, Libi was having fun at the pumpkin patch.

She looked so sweet in her little pumpkin hat!

Even though they didn't get to the huge pumpkin patch that Jammy wanted to take Libi to, it looks like they had a good time.

I will save this picture for next year when Libi is a Hootin' Owl at school :)

I love that my girl can be just as happy with trucks and tractors and she is with dolls and princess clothes.

Libi is so lucky to have such fun grandparents!

Thanks a million Jammy and Granpa for watching Libi while we were away!

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