Thursday, October 15, 2009

Running, running, running...

While Libs was at school today, I ran all around town. Valley View, Wendy's house, Walmart, Sam's Club, home for a quick lunch, then back to SCLP to pass out school portraits.

Libi is enjoying all of her teachers. Here she is playing soccer with Miss Caroline.

It is now officially autumn, and Libs loves all of the leaves on the ground.

Miss Sabrina showed her how to float them in the air...

she and Rosie thought it was pretty funny!

I was in the middle of an e-mail when it was time for nap, so I tried something different. I asked Libi to go upstairs, take off her shoes, and get ready for nap. A few moments later I went upstairs unsure of what I would find. This was the happy sight that awaited me. She was all snuggle buggled into bed!

After a quick rotisserie chicken dinner I headed out to a MNO. It was poorly attended, but we had a lovely chat.

While I was away Ron and Libi spent some time with Aunt Andrea and Grammy. They are going to have another adventure tomorrow so stay tuned.

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