Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wet Wednesday...

Our very typical Wednesday began in a very abnormal fashion-- it was still raining!

We braved the bad drivers to head to Nana and Pop's house for lunch.

Libs wore one of her new outfits from Jammy and Granpa.

Pop showed off his new glasses along with Libs new outfit.

I brought my cupcakes to share for dessert... both Nana and Libi had a tough time selecting just one.

Libi finally settled on the pumpkin top, Nana selected pumpkin pie, Pop got the spider in the web, and I chose the mummy.

We were all excited to try them.

They were quite a mouthful!

Of course the one Libs chose was one of the cupcakes with the most frosting-- she wore it well.

After lunch Nana let Libi play with her whistle.... Thanks Nana!!

My girl has always been fascinated with these music boxes. Today she had all three going at once-- quite a cacophony!

Pop and I were having a lovely discussion in the living room when I realized that Nana and Libi were at the kitchen table. They watched the rain and did some pretend baking.

It didn't take long on the drive home for Libs to begin her nap. I just love how she was holding her hands while she slept!

She took an extra long nap and had to be woken up to go to Skipper Club.

Snack today was frosted sugar cookies-- very yummy!!!

We did pictures of each of the kids for an upcoming craft-- Libi chose to strike this pose. What a ham!

The kids were in rare form-- perhaps two days of rain had something to do with it. We still had a grand time learning all about God and the Bible!

For dinner we took our little cowgirl to Rattlers. Due to Mommy forgetting a bib this napkin became a rootin-tootin scarfy bib thing. Yee-haw!!!

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RP Mom said...

We loves Wednesdays!!! Your cupcakes are STUNNING!!! Lets take a class in the early new year! XO