Thursday, October 8, 2009

Picture day!!!

Today was picture day at Little People. Madison, Libi and Ben all looked darling!!

I was one of the parent volunteers, so I got to take tons of pictures of Libi inside her classroom today.

She was a big fan of the vacuum-- so much so that she wrestled with a kid who tried to take it from her.

Look at all those kids!

Recess time!!

I think Libi's favorite thing on the playground is the castle. She spent most of the time in there.

The last thing I got to watch was the ceremonial placing of the scarecrow in the garden.

Miss Cindy did the honor since it was her birthday today.

Isn't he cute???

After a three hour nap we went back to Little People for family portraits.

Libi had two cute outfits for today-- both were from Nana and Pop.

We took some of our own pictures after the Picture People did theirs.

Libi wasn't in the mood to smile for either school or family pictures...

but Daddy got her to smile outside!!

Her outfit was so cute! She even brought her doggie named LuLu in her purse.

We will see shortly how the pictures look.

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