Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pedi and Preschool

One of the perks of preschool is that I can meet up with girlfriends to do random things like get pedicures. In this lovely portrait you can see my feet along with Corrie and Stacy's feet. It was heaven to sit and chat for a bit without little people.

Speaking of Little People-- Libi is LOVING preschool!!! Today she made fruit prints. I think they are supposed to be apples, oranges and bananas.

It looks like Libs was a bit squishy with them.

I love to watch her on the yard-- you get to see how they interact with their peers.

You can also see their problem solving evolve...

This is the Libi way of playing basketball-- put it under the basket.

She has a sticker for picture day which sadly we will miss part of. They only do group pictures on Wednesday and we already had a trip booked to the pumpkin patch so Libs will miss her first ever class picture and whole-school picture. Scrapbooking Mommy is bummed!!!

Libs still loves Miss Tasha-- which makes me very happy!!!

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