Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday back at the ranch....

Monday means it's time for dance class.

Admittedly I wasn't super keen on going today, but Libi was so excited about it.

Libi was an especially good helper today. She gave away her bear from the teddy bear song twice: once to a little girl who was crying and when that little girl's mom said she couldn't have it she gave it to Miss Cheryl Ann who didn't have a bear either.

I simply love this picture-- it just shows you her exuberance for dancing!!

They are working much more on form in class these days.

Libi is doing her best to point her toes.

The ribbon twirlies are still super popular with the class.

Look at them all standing on one leg-- very fancy.

Libi decided to do some twirling on her own in the corner.

While the pom poms were being passed out Libi spent some time at the mirror-- very Chorus Line of her!

My daughter has pretty good foot-work!

Shake it baby!! We are now half-way through dance class and we have decided that Libi won't be doing the recital. I know she will be sad when class ends, but we might continue in January.

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Stacy said...

Wow, what a dancer. She looks so cute in her little outfit.