Saturday, October 10, 2009

Libi's 38th trip to Disneyland

This morning Ron treated us to something really special-- the Minnie Mouse Character Breakfast.

We got to see lots of characters that Libi had never met, like Brer Fox.

Max is from one of Libi's favorite films-- A Goofy Movie.

We got to see both Chip and Dale, but not at the same time.

I got in on the act and did a portrait with Pooh :)

Ron got a cute picture with Tigger-- his favorite!

Libi met a very sweet girl named Joanna who was celebrating her 4th Birthday today. Notice that they are both the same height-- did I give birth to a giant???

Libi opted to skip seeing Tinkerbell so we could head to Small World.

While we waited in a short line Libs played with Daddy.

Isn't this the look of a little girl who loves her Daddy??

Our little photographer took this picture with Daddy's camera-- I think it's pretty darn good!

Next up was Toontown to meet up with Mickey and Minnie.

It was pretty crowded today so there was a wait for everything-- at least they didn't close the park like they did the day before.

While waiting in line we fill the time with, what else???? Taking pictures!

Libi was excited to see Minnie...

even though she's not smiling!

We waited quite a while to see Mickey-- but it is a must do when we are at Disneyland.

Another successful Mickey portrait.

To blow off some of the waiting in line steam, we headed to the playground in Goofy's yard.

Then it was off to wait in the longest line yet to meet the princesses.

This is something new: Libi has been trying to cross her legs lately. It's pretty funny to watch!

Libs chatted away with some junior princesses while we waited. She certainly isn't shy-- she walked right up to these girls and animatedly began telling them story after story.

Ron caught this cool shot which looks like she's jumping when she's really just sitting on the curb and trying to cross her legs.

Ron taught Libs some sign language: "I"


"you!" It's super sweet!

The line was so long that we resorted to the Wiggles on YouTube to pass the time.

Libi was excited to see her princess friends again: Jasmine,


and Ariel.

We even got a family photo with Ariel!

As a bonus for waiting so long we even got to say "Hi!" to Mulan!! It was a great day, but we were happy to leave before the crowds got any bigger!!

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