Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cousin Bridget turns 6!!

It was a very exciting day for our family as we headed to the valley to celebrate Bridget's birthday.

Libs dressed up in one of her newest and prettiest outfits for the occasion.

There were about a thousand kids there-- running a-muck-- so we were thrilled that Libi was most content on the swings!

It's amazing what a difference a few months make. When we were last at the Limon house for Hugo's 50th Libi was super tentative going up the ladder and would only go down the slide if someone was holding on to her. Today she climbed like a champ and flew down the slide-- literally flew, she caught air several times because she was going so fast!!

One of the perks of a birthday party is juice boxes-- this is something Mommy doesn't do at home, so you can see the pure bliss on her face.

They had an easel set up with paints. Big, huge temptation!!! Mommy forbid that Miss Thing go anywhere near it and this face is the result of someone not listening and having to sit in a time out.

Libi loves making friends and playing with other children, but when the big kids wanted nothing to do with her she just made up her own stories and had a blast!! I love that she can be social and then just do her own thing all in the space of 15 minutes!

Grammy, Grampy and Aunt Andrea were sitting on the opposite side of the yard from the swing-set. When this picture was taken Libi was having a full-blown conversation with her Grampy who had no clue she was trying to engage him. Perhaps Libi talking in an indoor voice when there was a raging party going on between her and the person she was talking to had something to do with Grampy's poor response to her requests. We finally suggested that she get off the swing and go talk to him...

and he came to play!!!!

Aunt Andrea also got in on the action-- I think she even danced with Libi in the solarium, but there is no photo evidence of it per Andrea's instructions :)

Again, my daughter was deathly afraid of bouncies a few months ago and now she could live in one!

Since the whole family was there, we snagged a few photos. Here are all the Ippolito's: Ron, Cris, Ron, Libi and Andrea.

Here is our little family!

Thanks Cousin Bridget for a very fun party!!!

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