Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Candy Corn Girl

In honor of the holiday, Libi has been wearing lots of Halloweeny outfits.

Today she wore a darling ensemble of candy corn tights, a black skirt, and a candy corn top. I'm very lucky that Libi doesn't complain about the outfits that I choose for her. I know that this won't last forever, so I'm savoring it now.

Libi has been super affectionate lately-- hugging all of her friends before we leave school. On this day I caught my daughter trying to kiss some boys on the yard. I am trying to discourage this for many reasons: 1) It's flu season and boys have germs 2) Not all boys want to be kissed 3) Daddy won't like this!

Libi was at the top of the slide when the teachers rang the bell. It didn't matter-- she stopped and put her hands on her head.

When the bell rang again she came down the slide...


or should we say, "Whoops!" as she ran into another little boy.

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