Monday, October 19, 2009

Autumn Dance Class

To accent Libs dance attire, I dressed her in candy corn tights.

She looked quite darling in them. We got to class early, so Libi got to watch Miss Cheryl Ann choreograph the winter program dance. She kept saying, "My turn!" I guess she wanted to help plan out the dance!

Libi is getting very good at pirouetting, bend and stretch, and first position.

She was also the leader of the train again this week-- quite an important job!

Libi still has super expressive hands-- this began the day she was born!

At one point during class Libi and the girl she is facing in this picture got into a little spat-- I was not a very happy Mommy!!! On the outside I was the good Mommy-- I made her appologize to both the girl and Miss Cheryl-Ann and I told her if she did it again we would go home.

This little girl has bullied lots of other girls in our class, so when Libi stood up to her I have to say that on the inside I was thrilled. I don't want Libs to be a confrontational kid, but I don't want her to stand idly by while others are getting bullied!!!

There was a new accessory today in these ribbon rings-- very fun!

Libi worked it!

Or at least she intently examined it :)

Tap shoe time!

I'm really going to miss this class when we finish in a few weeks. It has been such fun to watch my tiny dancer and all her little friends. Miss Cheryl-Ann has done such an amazing job with all the girls-- she is such a patient and kind teacher.

Pom-poms are still amoung the girls favorites-- we just need to tell Libi that Daddy won't let her be a cheerleader.

She has such skill-- notice that her hands and feet are moving at the same time :)

A new thing happened this week...

during bubble time Mommies were invited into the studio.

It was such fun to get a few glare-free shots of Libi in a very Chorus Line moment. This made me think of the song "The Music and the Mirror"-- perhaps it will be on our Christmas CD this year.

We made a stop at Rio Norte on the way home and were amazed to see all the beautiful fall colors.

Leaves have always been a favorite of Libs, but now she can really make them dance and talk.

Case in point!!

I would like to think that her little mind is busy comparing and contrasting the two leaves-- their different colors, sizes, and amount of crunch, but I really think they were just dancing.

We got the leaves to change, now we just need the temperatures to reflect that it's fall and we'll be all set!

We went to dinner at Red Robbin tonight and Libi was fascinated by all of the carousel horses they had in the restaurant. She kept telling Ron that she wanted to ride the one next to our table and he was trying to explain to her that these were just decorations. He did tell her that if she behaved that we could go on the real carousel in the mall-- after that we no longer heard about the horses in the restaurant.Libs chose the elephant to ride and she was so excited...until the ride began to move-- then there was a moment of hesitation.When she realized that Daddy was right next to her, keeping her safe, she was able to wave at me and smile for the camera.

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