Friday, October 30, 2009

Can you get a dragon in a car seat??

Yes, you can!! I had to do some re-positioning with the tail, but she fit into the car seat in full Elliott gear.

Today was Libi's first Halloween parade at school and even the scarecrow came in costume.

Libs got to pose with all of her favorite teachers: Miss Tasha,

Miss Cindy,

Miss Sabrina,

and Miss Abla.

Look who lead the costume parade???

The toddler kids were all adorable-- there were even two Monkey's dressed up in monkey costumes.

Libi was not only the tallest kid in her class, but she had the cutest costume (sorry, I'm biased!)

Ben was a close second in his race car driver outfit.

The kids all gathered for the festivities to commence.

Miss Carole was kind of a scary clown-- I'm glad Ron wasn't around for the parade since he HATES clowns.

I was so afraid that Libi wouldn't relinquish the microphone when her turn was done. Daddy gave her a taste of amplified sound and now she wants it all the time.

She answered every question into the mic. She was asked:

What are you dressed as?

What is your name?

What is on the back of your costume?

Her final mic moment was to say, "Goodbye!"

Next the kids Trick or Treated through the school.

I couldn't get many pictures because I was manning a door-- but I was able to sneak away to get a few.

Grammy and Grampy both came to the festivities. It was so nice of them to attend.

Here are all the Monkeys who were at the parade.

Snack time was cookies and milk-- super yum!!

Mommy even got to sneak one :)

The Little People Staff all looked so cute!!

Our next stop was to Rio Norte to show off Libi's costume.

We walked all over campus trying to find Aunt Gina.

We never found her, but Libs had a grand time hopping off curbs, being fawned over by junior high schoolers and running after Daddy.

When we got to the office Libi treated it like a Trick or Treat opportunity. Perhaps we are doing too good of a job of explaining how this holiday works.

Aunt Nancy was very excited to see Libs. She was so surprised when Libi walked right over to her desk and sweetly said, "Trick or Treat". Poor Nancy scoured her desk for something to give to Libi-- she came up with two dimes and a nickel. Libs was ecstatic to receive such an amazing treat! She played with them all the way home, clinging them together and counting 1-2-3 "pennies"-- guess we'll work on money next :)

You can see her coins proudly displayed in this final picture with Daddy.
Tonight we began a new Halloween tradition. We have decided that the night before Halloween is the perfect time to decorate our pumpkins.
Since carving them really isn't an option with a two-year-old we decided to use paint.
"Spooky Ooky" as Libi named it began with a good looking face-- three eyes and a mouth...
but when she realized that it was way more fun to smear all of the paint together the whole look of Mr. Ooky changed!
Here is the finished product and the proud Picasso!

When it was time to clean up, Libi was a bit cranky! She said she wanted to "Paint all day long!" I'm hoping that we can find her an easel so she can paint to her little heart's content!

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Stace&Lis said...

Such cute photos! I can't believe your mom made that costume, that's amazing! It is so cute, what great memories Libi will have.