Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trunk or Treat with Miss Elliott

This afternoon we did a trial run with the Elliott costume.

There are so many different components of this costume-- some of which we didn't get in the mail until today, so a trial run was necessary.

The costume was darling and totally authentic, right up to the lantern Elliott holds on his tail.

The feet gave Libs a bit of trouble, so some re-working was necessary.

If you'll notice her face you will see that she really didn't seem to mind-- she was thrilled to be a dragon....."Roar!!!"

I think my favorite part of the costume is the pink tuft of hair on top of the hood-- such a great touch!

Tonight we braved the cold to do Trunk or Treat at VUMC. You know it's cold when Courtney covers up her darling Minnie Mouse costume with a blanket!

Libi was so excited that Jesse the Cowgirl was there-- Paige wasn't so excited to pose with a dragon.

I was so thankful that Libi had a really warm costume, but she was still cold. If the weather is like this again on Halloween we will have to bundle up more underneath.

Libi chased this bunny around...

and was happy to discover it was her friend Cora!

Libs is all about the candy this year, but we only let her have it one piece at a time!

You can see our cold, but happy family here!

Many of my Skippers were at the event including Sydney and Madison.

Nicholas made such a cute turtle!

Miss Ellen really threw an amazing event!!!

As a special surprise we got to see Miss Sarah who was Libi's MOPS care-giver last year. Libi has missed her so much this year so she was really excited to see her.

For dinner we gave T*Bo's one more try. Libi was super happy when they gave her a toy called Wiki sticks to play with.

Thanks Daddy for taking us out for a yummy meal!

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Stacy said...

What a costume! I love it! That lantern really is icing on the cake. She's too cute.