Friday, October 9, 2009

Trick or Treating at DCA

Tonight we braved the Friday evening traffic to get to DCA to do some Trick or Treating.

This has become a yearly tradition for our family:

Here is the whole family at Libi's first event in 2007-- she went as Roo.
Last year we went with a little Nemo girl!

We usually go with a large group including the Strassner's and my folks, but this year none of them could attend so we went solo.

Libi wore her mingo costume since her Elliott costume is still being made in Stockton.

Our first order of business was to dance!

Libi loved dancing with Flik and Atta at the Back lot Dance Party.

We HAD to ride Monster's Inc-- I believe it's her all-time favorite ride.

Daddy was such a trooper he waited in lots of lines to meet lots of characters...

Annie and June,

the Queen from Snow White, and

Lightening McQueen.

After a ton of trick or treating, Libs bag got really heavy and she refused to have anyone else caryy it so eventually she dropped it. Daddy got the pleasure of putting it all back in the bag as I was saving spots for the parade.

While we waited Libi tried raisins for the first time...

we think she liked them!!

My favorite part of the whole night was watching Libi dance in the parade.

She followed along with the dancers and did all the same moves they did-- but still keeping a watchful eye on Ron and I sitting on the sidelines.

Here is some video for your viewing pleasure!

While this parade is short and light on characters, it was wonderful!!

For her participation Libi got a button-- she wouldn't show it, but she is holding it in this picture.

Our second and final ride was the ladybug ride in Bug's Life World. Ron told me to sit this one out and take pictures-- too bad it was very twirly and he got a bit motion sick. Next time I'll ride this one and he can take pictures.

Libs was totally fearless with characters tonight. She had a long chat with Cruella deVil,

then the Queen of Hearts requested a conversation with the mingo from her croquet set.

We did manage to get a picture taken of all of us this year :)

On our way out we stopped at the dance party in the hub and Libi stole the show.

She got to dance with another fine-feathered friend...

Goofy, and


One last picture with the dancing candy girls..

then it was off to our hotel for the night.

Libs really enjoyed her big, soft queen-sized bed.

It was a really long night!

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Dolly said...

Oh my goodness!!! that looks like so much FUN!!