Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ready for our close-up!

Today Libi and I stayed around the house.

We had some wig fun...

Fabulous darling!

I was wearing the curly one, but Libi is good at sharing so we traded.

Our tile runway is Libi's stage-- and she calls it such!

When are you coming over for a performance??

When it was time to clean up, Libi got mad at me and declared: "No more pictures Mommy!"

In the evening we went to the Hart District Office to watch Ron receive an award.

Ron's Dad came too!

We had to have reserved seats because there were some MAJOR items on the agenda and therefore the room was packed!!

We got there super early to get a parking spot and Libi filled the waiting by dancing through the boardroom.

Ron was such a trooper-- the superintendent called him up and he was standing with his back to us, until he realized that this wouldn't make a good photo. He turned around just for me, I got the shot, we got a laugh, and then he turned back around.

After handshakes and getting his awards he did the perfect pose-- thanks babe!!!

Ron made sure to thank the newscaster and all of the parents for coming to support him-- what a guy!

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