Monday, March 29, 2010

A sad day...

I got word this morning that my Grandmom in Pennsylvania passed away. She has been ill for quite a while, but I wasn't prepared to get the call. Life had to go on....

so Libi and I went to host a MOPS coffee hour at Starbuck's.

Libi has really been enjoying tiny dolls lately (Polly Pocket sized dolls that you can dress and undress.) I think she will be very excited with her Easter gifts this year :)

On the way home we drove the cross-valley connector, a new road that connects Valencia to Canyon Country.

It has been under construction for years and finally opened last week. It was so cool to see the valley in a new way!

As a tribute to my Grandma here is her life in my favorite pictures.

She and my Grandfather made such a darling couple!

Along came the first two kids-- Uncle Bill is holding my Mom.

My grandparents proudly gave Mom away at her wedding. Love the 70's fashions.

Here I am-- the first grandchild!

This is the whole Harrigan family: Dad, Mom, me, Uncle Ed, Aunt Linda, Uncle Bill and his exwife, Great-Grandma, Grandmom, and Grandpa.

My grandmother made a ton of my clothes when I was little. She made this gorgeous dress for my kindergarten graduation. Luckily she saved most of these hand-made clothes and now Libi gets to wear them.

The family now includes my Uncle Mitch :)

I spent lots of vacations with my Grandmom. I always had lots of fun with her-- as you can see in this silly photo!

She also came to California often and we always went to Disneyland.

Grandmom had lots of hobbies-- she painted, knitted, crocheted, sewed-- you name it, she could make it!

Grandmom also came out for my high school graduation. She didn't actually get to see me graduation (neither did my Mom) but I will have to tell you this story another time.

Grandmom came out to California one last time for my wedding, but I can't find the photo at the moment. We took Libi back to meet her Great-Grandmom right around her first birthday.

Here is Grandma with all of her grand-daughters-- Liz, Morgan, me and Libs.

A little while later Mom, Libi and I went back for a visit.

We took another grand-daughter photo....

and one with Grandma and all her children-- Mom, Aunt Linda, Uncle Ed and Uncle Bill.

While we are sad that she isn't with us anymore we are thrilled that she is once again able to dance with my Grandpa after 25 years apart.

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