Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Last night our home was visited by a leprechaun. He left kisses everywhere (especially all over the bathroom mirror), he gifted pots of treats to Morgan and Libi, and he left a special breakfast for all of us to share.

I guess that Mr. Leprechaun really likes green bagels and almost sickly green milk.

Libi didn't seem to mind that he over-greened the milk-- whoops!

We all dressed in our best green outfits so as not to get pinched!

Mr. Leprechaun also left enough pots of treats for the teachers at SCLP for Libi to deliver-- he really is so thoughtful ;)

I love the sea of green on this holiday!

Libi looked most festive in her head-to-toe green including a fluffy, feathery headband.

The leprechaun also went to SCLP and left lots of footprints all over campus.

I left Libi to enjoy the St. Patrick's Day festivities and I drove Morgan to LAX. While I probably shouldn't say this, it was time for her to go. It was really a ton of work to take her someplace touristy every day and still get in Libi's nap (especially when we never heard her say "Thank you" for a single thing!)

When I went to grab Libi she excitedly told me all about the fun she had-- including finding some of the leprechaun's gold.

We feel very lucky to have found SCLP! They let Libi attend the whole day so my life would be simpler and she is so happy there! (Thanks Amy for the referral!)

We had Skipper Club tonight-- so we had to ditch the green and don the red (Mama wasn't happy about it!)

Libi still danced her heart out despite the lack of holiday clothing.

Tonight was Club picture night...

"Yikes!" You mean every PC kid will be in one photo???

Yes, I do!!!

My kids were super well-behaved and looking darling right in the front of the group!

After the picture we had another special treat--- Pastor John came to do our Bible story. He pretended to be King Solomon and he even wore a cool costume. We are so lucky to count John and Michele as friends-- they have been such troopers to help out with the kids whenever we need them.

We also tried to take individual pictures of the kids. You know who the most difficult one was for Ron to photograph..... YEP! Libi!!!

For dinner we postponed our corned beef and took the easy way out by going to Lazy Dog Cafe. To fill the time while we waited for dinner Ron and Libi explored the new area of the mall-- and they even came back with a present for me :)

I tried to get a cute Daddy daughter photo in our booth but someone was most uncooperative!

I can't complain too much-- she eats more fruits and veggies than most kids I know (and she gets about 40 photos taken each day.)

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