Monday, March 15, 2010

Strawberry Picking Time...

Today we made our third trip to Underwood Family Farms for strawberry picking!

Libi's first trip was in 2008-- look at those chubby little cheeks...

Last year she wore a similar outfit, but she ha lots some of the chubby in her cheeks!

This year she wore the same hat-- it's nice to have traditions!

Libi loves seeing her MOPS friends since she doesn't see them too often.

Here was out sad attempt at a group pic of some of the kids.

On the wagon heading out to the field...

ready to pick some yummy strawberries!!

It was such a special treat for Libi to have Cousin Morgan with us.

She was a big help to me as I was in charge of the shindig!

Morgan is allergic to strawberries so she wasn't tempted to eat any-- she was just an amazing picker.

Libi was an amazing eater!!!

It is still really early in the strawberry season, so we had to look a lot harder to find ripe ones.

Libi and Zofia didn't seem to mind...

they were just happy to be out on such a beautiful day...

enjoying natures bounty....

and each others company!

Back on the wagon we go, with a juicy face....

and muddy shoes!

Libi was really happy to see Ave-- her Skipper Club pal from last year!

When the group disbanded Libi had a list of things she wanted to do: 1) See the bus,

2) Feed some animals

3) Talk to the turkeys

4) Ride the tractor

Morgan found some animals to chat with and photograph....

while Libi and Madison played on the train.

Libi loves this train!!!

Madison and Libi took a spin on the ponies!

Libs sang through most of the ride-- a nice cowgirl song she made up.

Thanks Farrah for a fun ride!!

We rested for a few moments in the playground...

because what's a little more dirt???

One final feeding at the bunny cage (which Libi has been obsessed with ever since she heard that Cousin Morgan has two bunnies at home) we were off.

Libi slept in the car while Morgan and I cruised up to Ventura. I took her to get some ocean photos, then we had lunch at El Pescador. All in all a very full and fun day!

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