Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A return to routine...

Ahh yes! Routine is the thing that I love best!!! Today Libs returned to school, I returned to MOPS, and Ron continued to get back into his groove at school.

When I left the building today I had a huge, "Say what???" moment! Ron volunteered to be a community helper and speak to Libi's friends, but we never heard back from the school so we figured they had filled the schedule without him. When I saw this on the schedule my heart sunk-- he missed his big day! Hopefully Miss Carole and Ron can connect and come up with another date for him to speak.

Libs was thrilled to get back to school! She has been talking about weather, shapes, directions, months of the year, numbers and letters NONSTOP!!!

It was blooming freezing here today!!! It didn't feel much like spring today despite the sunshine and blue skies. I don't believe it got above 50 today which is way too cold for this California girl!!

Libi never ceases to amaze us! This afternoon she was drawing on her board and she called to me, "Look Mommy I made monsters!"

I looked up and sure enough there were monsters with eyes, noses, and mouths! This was the first time she actually drew people!! She told me that some of the monsters had more than two eyes because, "They're monsters!!"

It's so amazing to me that one day she's drawing blobs and the next day she's doing full-fledged figures.

Then she reminded me that she's three-- by putting her toolbox on her head!

No evening is complete without talking to Jammy, even if it's a brief conversation!

Daddy got a new toy... I mean microphone for school and Libi couldn't wait to try it out!

It was so funny to hear her say, "Check, check, check" just like her Daddy!

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