Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A lazy day and Skipper Awards

Music is huge in our house. Libi loves to have the Disney Princess Station on Pandora playing through the speakers while she dances and plays.

While she entertained me, I cut out 7,000 shapes, bugs, and spring stuff for SCLP.

We both found the "trash" amusing....

Libi's turn....

Mommy's turn :)

Libi is also playing with her dollies a great deal these days. You hear things like: "Some day you will be a big girl." "You need a diaper change." and "Don't cry baby!" She's so great at imaginative play!

We had another Skipper Club tonight...

Libi was either Vogue-ing through the song or dancing like a flamenco dancer (two things I don't believe she's ever seen before but she seemed to demonstrate perfectly!)

Hallelujah for the music and good friends at Skipper Club.

Tonight was an awards ceremony so our meeting was short.

Libi is one badge away from having a full shirt! If only I could locate the last two she received that I never had sewn on her shirt.

The three elder-stateswomen of the group who I think need to stay together until they graduate-- so sweet together!

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