Monday, March 1, 2010

Parting ways...

This morning Ron and I re-packed the car in preparation for Reno. We kidnapped several of Libs dolls from home for one of the sketches and this morning we found Fancy Nancy and Tiana working out on the sitting room floor. Nancy was doing pushups, while Tiana was doing some arm stretches-- very funny to see.

Today was the first day for Granpa and Libs to be alone-- that mischievous look doesn't bode well!

We took the carseat out of our car for the transfer and Libi decided to strap herself in. She flipped out when she couldn't get un-strapped-- silly girl!

This was the final sight we saw before we made the two+ hour drive to Reno-- so sweet!

After nap time Libs and Granpa ran some errands and then later Lou took a tubby!

Poor thing started to have an allergy attack in the evening, so she was pretty drippy and miserable!

Ron and I were enjoying our couple adventure! After checking in to our suite and unpacking for our week in Reno we headed out to dinner.

Tonight we tried a newly remodeled place called Chocolate Bar (it was the only one of the three restaurants by the same name that was opened on Monday!) Ron and I were shocked at how many of the nicer restaurants were closed on Mondays!

Yes, they had a dinner menu there. Yes, the food was pretty good. Yes, the decor was uber cool and lounge-y! And OH YES, they have amazing chocolate desserts!!!!!

My personal favorite was the mud pie! It was so much lighter than traditional mud pies I've tried-- it was just like butter, so smooth and creamy!

Ron's favorite was their doughnut sampler. Yummy beignet-like donuts with three dipping sauces.

We had to do some poses with our favorites!

Yes, we are super cheesy!!!

Here is a photo of our home for the next week-- the Grand Sierra Resort (formerly the Reno Hilton.)

In keeping with my first day of the month tradition, here is my day book for March 1st.

Date: March 1, 2010

Outside my window: Reno, NV

I am wearing: Traveling clothes for the two plus hour drive from Stockton to Reno

I am going: To be child-free this week and help Ron at CADA

I am hoping: That Libi and Granpa have a wonderful time getting to know each other better.

I am creating: Hopefully 50 cards in my hotel room J

I am hearing: Pandora play Glee Radio

I am watching: Nada

I am loving: A little time away with my hubby!

On my mind: The future of MOPS weighs on me daily! I’m really hoping things will get turned around.

Pondering these words: “Mommy I’m going to ask Santa for Princess EVERYTHING!!!”

From the kitchen: We have lots of snacks in our suite

Around the house: Left all that behind for a hotel room.

One of my favorite things: The mud pie at the Chocolate Bar in Reno—Yum-o!!!

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