Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Stockton Favs...

Libi had two requests when she heard that we were going to Stockton:

1. We eat at Bob's on the Marina.

2. We visit Jammy's "friends" at the community.

So our first order of business on Sunday was to go to Bob's for brunch.

Libi enjoyed sitting at the counter and watching Guy cook.

She also took a spin in Daddy's sunglasses-- that's what happens when he leaves them on the table to get a soda!

Libs just loves being in Stockton and spending time with Jammy and Granpa.

What did Libi order, you ask? She asked Guy to make her "princess pancakes!" This was the best he could do. When they were placed in front of her she immediately said, "Ariel pancakes!" so it seems to have worked on her :)

Gotta love all of our family pictures on the delta!

In Jammy's office Libs was thrilled to find princess clings on the window. Happily we got to take them home with us so Libs could play with them.

Always one to join a party-- Libi joined in on Bingo.

She helped Pat win another round!! Later Pat shared her winnings with Libs-- yummy candy!

To round out the visit Libi helped one of the workers show their dog to the residents and then she danced through the room to entertain everyone.

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