Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A day to play..... FINALLY!!!!!

Today Libs was finally back to her old self! We decided not to chance getting Nana and Pop sick so we stayed home to play. I was finally able to update the blog :) and I looked up from my computer to see this sight:

Libs in her toy basket. I asked her why she was in there and she simply replied, "It's OK Mommy, it's a ride!" Okie dokie!!

A few moments after I asked her to get out of her basket I found this: Libi's jewelry store had opened!! Just remember honey-- Mommy loves platinum :)

It was such a relief to have her playing again that I didn't even mind the mess!

She was sorting, chatting and playing ALL day! After two days of only being able to sit on my lap it was so nice to have her active again!

To give both of us the much needed chance to get out of the house we went to Skipper Club.

Libs was rocking the stage during the song portion...

until she saw Daddy come in! It was nice to see my Skipper kids after being gone for two weeks and it was heaven to leave the house.

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