Friday, February 5, 2010

Rio Idol

Tonight we went to Daddy's school to see the kids perform in their talent show.

Before the kids took the stage, Libi did a little performing.

Daddy even got in on the act in between his duties.

Ron was in charge of videotaping, but he couldn't resist hoping on the mic to remind the kids of how to behave during the show.

For the second half Libi made a new friend who sat with her on the floor.

The acts were really good this year and most of them help the attention of a three-year-old!

My personal favorites and the nights first place winners were a group called Ecko who did a Stomp-type routine. It had an effect on Libs, I've already noticed her using her drumsticks on her chair :)

After the show Libs got to take the stage...

with a little help from Aunt Gina! This was the fun family musical evening we were hoping to find!

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