Thursday, February 18, 2010

A very exciting day for a three year old!

Today I dressed Libs in an outfit with POCKETS!!! She was so excited about it, she ran through the house yelling, "I have pockets, I have pockets!"

At school during morning yard time Miss Carol helped Libi draw an Ariel with chalk. Libi is very much obsessed with the Little Mermaid right now!

During school today they had a very special visitor-- Chuck E. Cheese-- to get them ready for the fundraiser tonight. According to my very reliable source: he danced the chicken dance with all the kids and was really cool.

Miss Abla is such a sweet lady. She cooks lunch for all the kids and spends time with the monkeys when she's not in the kitchen. Libi loves her!

I found some of Libs artwork drying when I went to sign her out. I know years from now I will miss the multitudes of art she's bringing home!

I love how the teachers at our school stop to play with the kids!

I had totally forgotten about My Little Ponies-- I used to have some when I was little. I think this year the Easter Bunny might just be bringing some to Libs this year.

In the evening we attended the SCLP fundraiser and were touched that several of our MOPS friends came to support us too! Courtney and Laura came...


as did Lynnette and Elyz...

and Dina, JoJo and Caleb.

We also got to see the Strassner's for a moment before they headed home. We need to spend more time with them because we all miss them!

Ron tried to teach Libi the finer points of whack-a-mole-- she thought he was brilliant at it.

We were also lucky enough to have Grammy and Aunt Andrea join us for the evening.

It looks like Grammy had lots of fun!!! We know where to take her for her birthday this year.

After a short pizza break...

and a visit from Chuck...

it was time to play air hockey with cousin Bridget (their whole family came out to support us as well!)

The girls are having such fun playing together! I'm so glad they are living locally now, we will have lots more chances to get the girls together.

They weren't really sure about this motion ride, but it made for great photos!

One quick photo with Miss Tasha and then it was off to Valencia High School for a choral performance.

This show was called Broadway Bound and it was full of musical numbers from Broadway shows.

It was much more family friendly than the last show and it still had lots of our favorite kids.

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