Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weeds on Wednesday...

Nana and Pop had doctors appointments today so we went to have lunch with Daddy at his school.

Libi's favorite part of lunch was the cookie that Daddy gave her at the end!

Ron was conducting a meeting for his east coast trip and Libi noticed that she could do hand puppets on his screen. She is finding all sorts of fun stuff to do with herself these days and almost anything can be a toy.

On the way out Libi found some dandelions in the grass.

I had never told her what to do with them so I was super surprised when she knew EXACTLY what to do.

I'm so happy that I always have my camera near-by because I would have missed this moment if I hadn't. I am surprised by how few of my friends have cameras with them regularly. I know that we all want to remember what our kids do: their milestones, school productions, and holiday festivities, but what about the day to day? I choose to focus on all of it and I wish I could convert more Moms to my way of thinking.

OK, now I'm off my soap box.....

back to the dandelions!

I'm sure the custodians loved her picking all of the weeds....

Not sure that they were excited about her blowing the seeds everywhere, but we should just focus on the positive :)

On the way home you could just see that little Lou was ready for a nap!!!

It's Wednesday night so that means Skipper Club!

Tonight Elyz, Libi and Madison were super chummy. It is so funny to see how the kids play each week-- they always gravitate towards a different kid. Many play alone, but they are beginning to interact much more.

There were lots of instructions tonight for our craft activity-- see the focus!

We only had 8 kiddos, but it was a fun group! It has taken two years, but I finally think we found the perfect format for the Skipper kids. I can't wait to pass on my wisdom to whomever is taking over next year :)

Libs was ambidextrous for a bit, but she seems to have settled on her right hand. We are still watching it though as sometimes she still switches.

Snack tonight was happy ice cream cones (cones with vanilla ice cream and icing happy faces piped on the ice cream.) As you can see it was a HUGE hit with the kids-- especially Libs! It's not every day that she gets dessert before dinner!

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