Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Warm and fuzzy...

Today we were all up bright and early to get to school and MOPS. I so rarely take pictures of her first thing in the morning, but she always looks so fresh, clean, and un-stained! I think I should do it more often!

Today at MOPS our Mentor Moms talked about marriage and S-E-X-- so it was a fun meeting!!!

When I went to grab Libs she looked like Nanook of the North!!! It was a gorgeous day today, but the temperature never warmed.

Today Libi was intrigued by the Pooh toys...

and she got to play with Miss Cindy. I think that Libi is born to be teacher's pet because both her father and I were :) I will have to tell you the story some time of the one and only time we took a class together-- we were both in competition to be the professors favorite: it wasn't pretty!!!!

At school today they talked about being warm and fuzzy and their crafts were a mitten and a hot chocolate mug. It dawned on me that Libi has never had this amazing beverage, so after school we shared some.

Hers was more like luke-warm chocolate, but mine was pipping hot!!!

She had marshmallows in hers and I had Cool Whip!

This is my idea of a great afternoon! Putting my feet up after a few busy days and relaxing with my favorite beverage in my favorite mug. If anything ever happens to my Figment mug, I'm going to cry!! It simply makes me happy!

In the evening I got a Mommy break when Ron's folks came for a visit. Libi was totally fascinated with all of Grampy's stuff tonight. She even took every card and piece of paper out of his wallet. Whoops!!! Good thing he loves her :)

I don't think it's the best look for a princess.

When they left there was more dressing up and then a lot of cleaning up!!!

I think we've been watching Mulan too much! Libi took a scarf tonight and tried to climb the wall. ?Luckily? Daddy was there to help her??? Now I have little smudges from dirty feet all up the wall.

Daddy even sang the correct song to make the effect complete. What a guy!

Before bed-time I let Libs listen to some Disney music on Pandora radio on my phone. Every song that came on she told us whether or not we had the movie-- we had most of them!!!

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