Thursday, February 4, 2010

Crazy Hat Day...

Today was Crazy Hat Day at SCLP.

Trying to explain what crazy hat day is to a three-year-old is a little like me trying to fly an airplane.

To make things a bit easier I decided that this year would be a princesses-- I let Libs choose the princess and off I went to Cricut up a storm.

She colored the base paper and selected the Ariel pose-- I know that Ariel shouldn't be swimming in a pink ocean but our base hat was sparkly pink so be kind!

I think it came out really well!!!

When we got to school there weren't many kids with hats on-- certainly none with Ariel Lincoln hats as Ron referred to Libs!

Ben had a super cool bug hat on!

The teachers got into the spirit of things too-- here's Miss Caroline and

Miss Tasha, looking fly in her hamburger hat!

The kids all wanted to see what was inside Libi's hat-- here's a hint: NOTHING!!! Sorry kids!

This was the closest I could get to a picture of Ben and Libs together :(

When I got to school to pick Libs up I found her reading to her classmates. On the drive home I asked her if she was pretending to be Miss Tasha with her friends, her response: "No Mommy we are pretending to be girls!!"

At the end of the day the kids did their little parade to the big kids room.

I love this part of the day, when Libi sees me and her little face lights up. The joys of a SAHM!!!

Where's Libi??? Oh yeah, she's wearing a foot tall hat!

Poor girl found it hard to play in this hat....

but she persisted!

After nap and a trip to Agua Dulce to deliver a meal to a Mommy friend we headed to Valencia High School for a drama musical cabaret.

We were super excited to see singing and dancing...

and lots of kids that Daddy had at Rio Norte.

One of my favorites, Steven Schmidt, was the musical director as well as a member of the cast,

and Christian Guerrero was the producer. The show was good but a bit mature for little people. Luckily much of the sex, drugs, suicide, psychosis, and rape went right over Libi's head. Perhaps we shouldn't have assumed that a Broadway musical review was going to be all fun and games, but live and learn!

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