Monday, February 15, 2010

Relish every moment...

Today Libi noticed this jar in the fridge and asked to try some.

Daddy happily obliged and gave her a spoonful.

She wasn't a fan! Poor thing! We are so very proud of our very adventurous eater. Libs will try anything once and lately she's found that she likes more and more food including salmon, potatoes, and bolognese sauce.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day Libi drew a heart on her wipe board. This is the first we've ever seen her draw and she was VERY proud of it!!!

I've been cooking a ton-- my effort to help save the family money by only eating out one night a week at most. Surprising to those of you who know me-- I have been using lots of vegetables in my recipes-- and I'm enjoying eating them as well. Maybe I'm turning over a new leaf :)

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