Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Daddy's sweetheart

Today Libs sported this darling outfit from Jammy and Granpa!

She is getting quite good at modeling for me-- I guess all that Project Runway watching is paying off :)


My favorite part of this ensemble (which you have probably noticed in other photos this week) is her red shoes. We have been without red shoes since she grew out of her red patten leather ones at the end of last year and I must say I have missed them!

On the way to Nana and Pop's I took a drive down memory lane (aka Cantara Street-- the house I lived in as a little girl.)

The paint is different, but the house still looks pretty well the same. It's nice to see that someone is taking good care of it. I would love to go inside to see it again, but that might be too emotional.

At Nana and Pop's house there was lots of flower playing today.

Libi also wrote cards to Nana, Pop, and myself-- I won't mention the fact that she also wrote one to herself.

Libi has really been trying to read lately. Her favorite question is, "What's that say?" I need to teach her to read so that she doesn't have to ask me that every 10 seconds.

She does manage to tell a good story by just looking at the pictures.

There was a quick trip outside to pick some flowers with Pop-- sorry for the awful picture, but they were really quick!

Here are the flowers they picked!

Libi requested that I put them behind her ear-- very exotic!

There was also lots of sticker play today.

Nana got in on the act of putting the stickers different places on their faces-- Libi and Nana are two silly girls!

Tonight was our Skipper awards night.

We had kids and parents in our room for most of our hour-long session. It's always fun to show the parents what we do with the kids.

We pretended to be a train to go visit our grandparents...

and we huddled up so the parents couldn't hear all of the special surprises we had for them. There are so many special kids in Skipper Club, but I love the three in this picture-- Libi, Grant and Paige. They are so sweet and their folks are special friends of mine as well.

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