Friday, February 12, 2010

What a very busy day!

We woke up this morning to find our valley covered in fog-- it was quite a pretty sight.

This morning Daddy accompanied Libi to her class Valentine's party.

She wore a very sweet Valentine's outfit from Jammy and Granpa.

Gotta love that face :)

They made it in time for circle time in the morning-- Daddy got to see all of the Birthday rituals as it was a Panda Pals birthday today.

They had almost every Monkey attend the party!!!

Libi LOVES snack time with her friends!!

The kids distributed their valentines into bags the kids decorated earlier in the week.

There were some big kid helpers (including Ron) who helped the kids put the cards into the bags.

For story time they had a special visitor-- Maleek who normally volunteers in the afternoon. The story was a Halloween one, so I was a bit confused about that, but they both had a lovely morning.

We braved some yucky traffic to head down to Disneyland for the day.

We grabbed some fast passes for Buzz Lightyear and then grabbed a much needed lunch.

I love this picture of Libs and Ron on the ride-- Libi is simply looking around at all the cool stuff and Ron is intently aiming and scoring points. While you can't "see" me I am doing what I do best-- photographing it all!

The Shaver's and the Nibarger's happened to be at the Park too so we made plans to meet up with them in time for the parade. Libi and I saved seats while Ron went to grab them.

We made for quite a mass of folks-- the three Ippolito's, four Shaver's and three Nibarber's (two more would join us later!)

Libs was thrilled to have her buddy Madison at Disneyland with her! Love those two little faces!

I got some cute photos of baby Kendal before she crashed for her nap.

The girls spent their waiting time dancing, playing, and eating everything in sight!!!

We were treated to two bands before the actual parade...

the girls were really excited to see them!

They had the perfect spot when the parade finally appeared!

While this isn't my favorite parade-- it is kind of growing on me.

The girls watched as all the floats went by...

and they waved to all the characters.

We were at the rear of the parade...

and the girls were lucky enough to be pulled out for EVERY event in the street.

First they danced with Pooh...

then they did the conga!

It kinda looks like tug-of-war in this photo, but they were having fun!

They also got to play drums for the finale and they were tickled about all of it!!!

Next we met up with the Nibarger boys for a ride on Pirates.

Kendal slept....

and the rest of the kids ate and ate and ate!

Before we went inside I got some family pics. Here are the Nibarger's,

the Shaver's, and

the Ippolito's!!! We had such fun with all of them-- hopefully we can do it again on a less crowded day!

They all needed dinner and our lunch hadn't settled yet so we split up...

we hopped on the train and headed to the princesses.

There was a line, but we filled our time with hugs and kisses!

Jasmine was kind enough to pose with the whole family!

Our little Valentine got her photo with Jasmine,

Cindy, and


Afterward Libs insisted that we go on Small World

-- then we were DONE!!!

On our walk out we got to see the VoluntEar float featuring some of our favorite Muppets!

Libs didn't even make it to the front of the park. No nap and a very full day will do that to a girl!

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